Charlotte, NC to NYC May 14-23

I just got back from an East Coast trip, first to Charlotte to draw for Symantec, then off to NYC to visit friends and enjoy a bit of the East Coast Summer before it gets too hot. This shot was taken just under the Brooklyn Bridge, looking across to Manhattan. There’s a beautiful park along the coast with an antique restored Carousel, green pathways, and a ferry among other things.

Here’s a few photos from the Trade show. I’ve done 5 or 6 of these for Symantec, with more booked through the year. It’s a lot of fun to have full days (usually 8am-6pm or so) to get a good groove and just draw, draw, draw. I got in about 60 or so sketches, with maybe a couple 10 minute breaks in there. Like playing music, it has a lot to do with getting the right rhythm and having fun!

During my NYC stay, I took a few long runs out by the coast along the bridges. This day was the one day of rain in an otherwise perfect week, but I got a cool effect shooting a pic of the bridge with my iphone wrapped in a couple layers of plastic baggie.

I spent a lot of time on Clinton Street, which is mentioned in one of my favorite Leonard Cohen Songs.

I took a couple hundred photos of the parks, museums, arts, music festivals, bars and food throughout the week. I also did one rather quick sketch (20 minutes or so) of Athol Fugard, who wrote the play “My Children! My Africa!” which I saw at the Signature theatre. The building was designed by Frank Gehry, and all of the tickets are a bargain at just $25 for the next ten years thanks to a donor.

I’ll be back on the East Coast working and visiting family through most of June… between now and then there’s lots of commissions to draw and Highschool Grad nights to work!

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